We at Glutteny, are committed to providing excellent quality, home-made cakes that are gluten free. We are based in Edinburgh, and use locally sourced, fresh ingredients to create a wide variety of cakes!

Everything is made with care and attention, as we know of the importance of keeping a gluten free environment, so have no fear coeliacs, we do everything in our power to keep you healthy!

Our main objective is to make cafes accessible to everybody by catering for coeliacs, because we know that there isn't anything more frustrating than finding your favourite cake, dessert, or occasional indulgence and then being denied the pleasure of eating it. We can also do occasion cakes for birthdays and the like. Our aim is to make mouthwatering, luxurious and creative cakes that taste equal to, if not better than, anything else on offer.

We can also make dairy free and other allergy free cakes, so if you're interested then please head to our contact page!

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